Chef at Chateau Les Bardons

Off course there are many different restaurants in the area and explore local restaurant were chefs create the most fantastic diners. But sometimes it’s also nice to stay at home. Enjoy the great culinary world and let this bring to you at Les Bardons. La Belle Assiette is offering different menus with different prices.

What can you expect from this culinary treat at Les Bardons?

  • The shopping will be done
  • The chef is preparing at the Chateau
  • Diner will be served
  • And the kitchen will be cleaned after

During the preparations of the Chef, you are setting the table yourself.

There are three levels of pricing that you can choose from, via the links you find a suggestion of the different menus:

The menus are sample menus and this gives an impression of the possibilities. Of course this is depending on the season and the available chef.

Via the link you will arrive on a document from La Belle Assiette that you fill in. Shortly after La Belle Assiette will contact you for the details and the final menu. The communication and the arrangements you organize directly with La Belle Assiette

Link for reservation of La Belle Assiette