Friends for Ever

Remember when we were just friends, I am thinking about the times…. Many memories many thinks to do together.

Check out YouTube  to get the great feeling, falling in love again. En check the possibilities to have new memories.

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Golf in Ceron

Golf Nearby Chateau Les Bardons From Chateau Les Bardons there are at least 5 golf couts that you can eat your hart out. Please check

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Ironman Vichy 2017

Good morning Ironman! The Ironman event just kicked off. We want to wish our guests (we’d better call them hero’s) good and happy # Ironman races in #Vichy. For

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Ironmen Vichy 2018

Ironman Vichy 2017 This weekend was the IRONMAN racing in the historic French spa town Vichy, one of France’s most beautiful cities, known as the

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New booking! UK family and friends will explore the Roannais region and make good memories at Les Bardons. What are you up to, the coming

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