Terms Chateau/Maison Les Bardons

Version 1.1 date 1 March 2010

By signing or paying the rent of Chateau Les Bardons and / or Maison Les Bardons the tenant explains to agree to the terms and conditions.


Within 7 days after our confirmation of your reservation request you to pay 35% of the total rental price. After your advance payment has been received, your reservation will be made final. No later than 30 days before your arrival should you pay the following:

  • Remainder of the rental price
  • Deposit (EUR 600, -)
  • Bed linen and towels (EUR 18, – pp / pw)
  • Tourist tax (EUR 0.75 pp / pd)


The meaning of a deposit is to cover the following costs: Any damage The replacement of broken or lost goods from the rented property, both inside and outside, includes furniture and home decorations. All direct and indirect damage caused to the house and / or furniture and not due to or arising from normal use, will be charged to the tenant. Under no circumstances can the deposit be seen as a part of the rent or an advanced deposit, and thus no interest will be given. Within a reasonable period the final statement will be made and the deposit will be returned with a maximum of 2 months after expire of the rental period. In most cases, the deposit will be refunded within the week. Demanding payment of additional cost in case of damage and in case of inadequacy of the deposit, the landlord and / or intermediaries to the tenant demanding the payment of additional fees. The fact that the intermediaries receive the deposit, makes this in no way responsible to the owner for damage caused to the rented property by the tenant.

Refund of the deposit does not mean automatically that the landlord and / or agent acknowledges that no damage harmed to the property. In no case the tenant shall be allowed to enter the rented property if it appears that the guarantee was not met. We recommend that all guests take insurance to cover against potential cancellation and any accidental damage caused during your stay at the property.

Cancellation by tenant

  • For cancellation until 30 days before arrival date the cancellation charges amount to 35% of the total renting price.
  • In case of cancellation up to 7 days before arrival date, the charges are 90%;
  • When cancelled less than 7 days before arrival date you will have to pay the full rental amount.


Check in

  • Arrival on Saturday between 16.00 and 18.00 hrs.

Check out

  • Departure on Saturday before 10.00 hrs. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the landlord.

Cancelation by landlord

In case the landlord is obliged by unforeseen circumstances to cancel the booked period, we will consult trying to find with you an alternative of similar nature and price. If this is not possible or desirable, then the rent paid and / or deposit will be refunded, without compensation of any damage whatsoever. In case the tenant and landlord agreed the booking period the payment not receipts within 10 days, the agreed period automatically expires and is to the landlord and / or the intermediary good for the period of time to offer to others.


The tenants are obliged to leave the house cleaned up and smudge free. All inventory are back in there original spot. No dirty dishes left behind. Dishwasher, refrigerator and dirt buckets should be empty when you leave. If this is not the case, causing additional cleaning is required; the deposit will retained without dispute.

Swimming pool

The pool is equipped with a safety cover (to guard children). This safety cover meets the strict French legal requirements. You put it on or remove from the pool manually in only a few minutes (the easiest way is to do it with 2 persons). It also protects the pool. From both perspectives we want you to put the safety cover on the pool, after swimming and also at the end of the day. And – in case you have brought little children with you, and whether you are in the pool or not – please take care that you always close the gate to the pool. The gate is always locked and the tenants of Chateau Les Bardon/ Maison Les Bardons have a shared responsibility.

Naturally, the tenant remains liable for the supervision of the people accompanying him. The tenant must take all necessary measurements to manage and avoid any incident in the pool. Children or adults without a swimming certificate may only us the swimming pool with a life jacket and under supervision of an adult with a swimming certificate.

In case of an accident, the owner and/ or agent never be held responsible. Children (including swimming certificate) younger than 14 are only permitted to use the pool under the supervision of an adult. The tenant and the landlord or agent harmless for any claims, including his own against the landlord and / or agent could be exercised.

The tenant is responsible for closing the gates at all time around the pool. Before the rental period the swimming pool will be cleaned and taken care of by a competent person. The tenant undertakes to follow the guidelines and that the person access to the property. Furthermore during the stay the pool will flush and filter automatically. In exceptional cases, the pool or the associated heating can’t be used due to maintenance or repair.

Other Provisions

  1. The tenant agrees to the terms and conditions and house rules to comply strictly. And by entering into the rental period to comply with these condition.
  2. Within 4 hours after entering the rented property, the tenant complaints to the landlord and / or agent about it. Subsequent complaints will be considered inadmissible.
  3. The landlord and / or agent reserve the right to check the rented property after departure of the tenant.
  4. The full furniture, in the broadest sense, may have no other signs of wear than those acceptable in ordinary use for which the goods are deemed appropriate.
  5. Missing cases, damaged goods or items worn by incorrect or inappropriate use should be refunded, replaced or repaired by the tenant, upon acceptance by the landlord and / or intermediary. This clause also apply to wall coverings, paint, fabrics (such as seats, curtains, sheets) and the rented property as a whole and in the broadest sense of its meaning.
  6. The tenant should make sure that upon departure all furniture and mobile business are returned to their original place as when entering the property.
  7. The tenant shall in no case in baths, showers, toilets, sinks etc … throwing things or flush or drain items which may clog. Charges for unblocking are the responsibility of the tenant.
  8. When not working or malfunction of equipment in general, the tenant directly responsible to contact those mentioned in the house rules. If not available, the intermediary contacted. This will enable all the defects as soon as possible to resolve. This, nor the owner can not be held liable for delays in the necessary repairs. The tenant is not a compensation claim or any form of intervention, nor the owner / landlord nor agent.
  9. On penalty of termination of contract, the tenant may not sublease the property or rights acquired through this contract to transfer unless authorized consent was given by the landlord and / or intermediary. He is also considered on the leased property as a good family man to watch. It’s him at all times forbidden to furniture or other movable property except to save sheets and personal use items for use during the rental period.
  10. The leased property may in no case by more people involved than stipulated in the contract, unless agreed by landlord and / or intermediary. In violation of the landlord and / or an intermediary bearings require pro rata (if the rented property and its contents can handle the extra occupancy) or prohibit further access to the property. Drafting of tents, caravans, mobile homes, etc. in the corresponding areas is strictly prohibited.
  11. Unless otherwise stated in the personal agreement prohibits pets (dog, cat, ..) to bring. If pets are allowed, they should be left outside the domain outside the domain order in perfect condition to leave. If garden and / or house is left clean without any dispute the deposit will be retained. Hereby tenant for pets to be insured against legal liability.
  12. Bringing pets only in consultation, and a written permission from the landlord.
  13. The tenant will abide by the house rules is an integral part of the rental period.
  14. Any kind of open flame is strictly prohibited. Unless small fire in the fireplace in the sitting room of the Maison and the fireplace in the living room and dining room of the Chateau. Under a small fire means a burning block. BBQ is allowed, but they can not be used as BBQ brazier. This in full responsibility of the tenant.
  15. In the absence, even temporarily, should the tenant damage the sun to close by suddenly emerging wind to avoid. Also, the house at all times be left closed.
  16. The renter is also responsible for closing the gate at night and absence. This is a joint responsibility of the tenants of Maison Les Chateau and Chateau Les Bardon and therefore both liable.
  17. Upon his departure, the tenant house completely quit and hand over the keys to the appointed person at the agreed place and time. If the tenant the keys or other things would have taken it by mistake, he must as soon as possible, by registered express mail or other special service to return.
  18. During the rental period the tenant to provide access to the landlord and / or agent so visit them by future tenants and / or buyers as possible. Such visits take place after agreement with the tenant. Regularly the keys will be hand over on the location of the property.
  19. The tenant may not deny access to handymen, gardeners, cleaning staff or others responsible for the maintenance of the leased property and its garden furniture, swimming pool.
  20. The tenant undertakes the property and pool to use as a good family man, the general conditions attached to follow and the termination of the rental guidelines to comply strictly before leaving home.
  21. Use of open fires in public areas is permitted. (in the Chateau the fireplace in the dining room and in the salon. In the Maison the salon only. The tenant is responsible for the fire to keep low and ensure that as far as it is possible deep in the fireplace. Among small fire means a burning block. The burning fireplace must at all times be supervised by an adult.
  22. In colder temperatures, the central heating is started by a competent person. This person will give directions to the tenant. Tenant is responsible for strict compliance of these instructions. The bottom door of the stove should only be opened by a competent person.
  23. The tenant respects the peace of the neighbours during there stay. To respect and abide by local police regulations on this subject, particularly the emphasis on the avoidance of noise at night (10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.).
  24. The landlord, agent and / or owner accepts no responsibility for – in the broadest sense – loss, abandonment, theft, damage, injury, accident … suffered or undergone by or caused to the tenant or third persons, animals and / or goods during or as a result of the stay and the use of the house and all its accessories. By all means to him in case of culpable conduct, the tenant is liable for any damage he causes. Hereby the tenant declares to have a suitable insured against legal liability.
  25. There is no compensation paid in case of force majeure (something not be foreseen or protected from landlord falls could have been prevented or not.) It is therefore recommended that a comprehensive travel and cancellation insurance.
  26. The tenant is obliged to inform the other tenants / travelling companions on the content of this rental agreement.
  27. Finding violations of any of the above clauses, may direct termination of the rental period, with any right to compensation expires.
  28. On arrival there by the key holder to the tenant a tour around the house made to explain. If something breaks, this phone appears to be within 2 hours after arrival should be reported to the key holder or owner. This can be done by phone / email. Damage then be identified will be recovered from tenant.
  29. Claims after departure from tenants will never be honoured.


Any disputes regarding these commitments fall within the jurisdiction of the courts or Roanne district of residence of the owner. All costs borne by the tenant.


This document is translated from the Dutch version. This Dutch version is leading at all times.