Twelve thirty, We are wining!

The good life at a French Castel is of-course not only for the guests at Chateau Marillaux.

At At Chateau Les Bardons the corks plopping of the bottles rather early as well. Enjoying the great local wines or perhaps the best of the best wines France has to offer. Les Bardons has many aspects that will support a great holiday.

Les Bardons is not a B&B with diner, but we have fantastic possibilities to have a Chef prepairing diner at Les Bardons. A Castel-diner in the private atmosphere of Les Bardons. Instead meeting new friends, you will have diner with the loved ones you invited. Les Bardons has it all.

Even when you like to have the same catering service as already catered at Marillaux and Les Bardons, you can choose for L’Hibiscus.

Check out Facebook L’Hibiscus op Les Bardons.

Check out Facebook: L’Hibiscus at Marillaux.

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